Japanese Conversation Classes 2021 spring

Japanese Conversation Classes 2021 spring


We are very glad to inform you that we will be starting our Japanese classes held online from April. Please find more details below as well as per in the attachment.

Dates : 10 classes
*You can choose Monday or Friday for Group lessons.
every Mon.10:50~12:20, Fri.18:30~20:00 *Group lesson
Mon.13:30~15:00 *Tutorial with Volunteer teacher

Mon. 4/19.26, 5/, 6/
Fri. 4/23, 5/, 6/, 7/2

Location : Online via ZOOM Meeting

Student Requirements :
Persons having learned Japanese for more than 20 hours

Capacity: 15 persons (first-served basis)
*You can only take classes from within Japan.
*Minimum number of participants 5 persons

Fee (group lesson): 5,000yen (cannot be refunded), 10 times
*tutorials are free

Apply via : https://forms.gle/aD2ThAWztyVDQ17i8

Closing date : Apr.12th(Mon.)

Contact Us: jimu-kyosei@u-sacred-heart.ac.jp

We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.