Development Education Association and Resource center / DEAR, which is in charge of planning and managing BE*hive, holds various participatory workshops from the perspective of “knowing, thinking and acting”.

Information on the Global Symbiosis Workshop Program

Various workshops are prepared to deepen learning through BE*hive’s exhibition. Please utilize it as part of comprehensive learning, study trips, school trips, and other forms of group learning activities.


  • Workshops are targeted at groups of 20 or more people, from high school students upwards.
  • No fee; however, a reservation is required in advance.

Program Examples

  1. Exhibition main course (Time required: 20- 40 minutes)
    Based on the photos and panels exhibited at BE*hive, you can consider the backgrounds and feelings of refugees while exchanging opinions among participants.
    • Limited to this course, this can be organized at any time without prior reservation, only if other visitors are not present.
  2. Discussion main course (Time required: 40-60 minutes)
    Discuss the theme of “refugees/displaced people”. How will your feelings and opinions change before and after seeing the exhibition? Through exchanging opinions, you can grasp topics to further study and develop ideas for future activities.
  3. Deep thought course (Time required: 90 minutes)
    While experiencing the images and exhibitions, you can experience the situations of refugees and displaced people in Japan and the world, and think about what you can personally do for them.

Questions / Applications

If you have any questions or interests about this program, please contact us via Phone or E-mail.

  • Address:Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No.4)
         University of the Sacred Heart
         4-2-24 Hiro-o, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • TEL:03-3407-5811(Rep)(Extension of Building No.4:104)
  • FAX:03-3407-5805


BE*hive offers various worksheets to better understand the content of the exhibition. Please feel free to use it when you visit.

  1. Think about refugees / displaced people
  2. Displaced people in the world
  3. Refugees in Japan
  4. Issues of Refugee Recognition procedure in Japan

Information on Development Education Introductory Course

How do the various problems occurring on earth, such as environmental issues, conflict and poverty connect to our lives?

Development Education Association and Resource center / DEAR holds introductory courses once a month to introduce development education, using a participatory method.

If you are interested in international cooperation, want to know about development education, are interested in active learning, or would like to participate in activities of DEAR, please feel free to participate in an introductory course first!

For details and application form, please click here.

Workshop on Development Education・Education for International Understanding

Problems occurring on Earth such as climate change, conflict, poverty, and food security are part of our everyday lives. How can you contribute to a better future? In the NPO Corporate Development Education Association (DEAR) we will carry out various participatory workshops in collaboration with the BE*hive, from the viewpoint of action-taking.