BE*hive Exhibition Special Exhibitions
(日本語) 【新展示】第Ⅱ期:子どもと放射線~「ヒロシマ」をテーマに~
BE*hive Exhibition Permanent Exhibitions
(日本語) 【新展示】聖心女子大学創立75周年記念常設展「これまでの歩み、これからの道」
BE*hive Exhibition Special Exhibitions
“Children and War” in Phase I

Children and the Absurd: Still, the World is Worth Living in
“Children and War” in Phase I

In no other era has there been a more absurd situation for children than today. Global-scale problems; natural disasters caused by climate change, wars, and other problems are occurring in developing and developed countries alike, and children in vulnerable positions are being pushed into dire straits.

We prepared this exhibition with the hope that it will encourage visitors to stop and think about the nature of war by presenting war-related works by some artists and examining what children felt, thought, and expressed under the absurdity of war.

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Permanent Exhibitions
“Mrs. Sadako Ogata and the Education of the Sacred Heart” the second phase
(日本語) 2022/5/12~
“Mrs. Sadako Ogata and the Education of the Sacred Heart” introduces Mrs. Ogata’s many contributions and way of life, the education of the Sacred Heart where she spent her student years, and her time spent with the first president, Mother Britt.
In the second phase, in addition to the exhibits from the first phase, videos of people who are making efforts to carry on Mrs. Ogata’s wishes and photos of newly found Mother Britt are on display.

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