BE*hive Exhibition Permanent Exhibitions
【ChapterⅡ】Is “child marriage” merely a story from a distant country?

“Child marriage”—or premature marriage—may seem irrelevant to you because it is happening in a distant country.
However, the background and responsible factors behind child marriage have commonalities with many issues facing modern Japanese society.
What actions can you take now to address this issue?
This is important to consider because these actions may connect to your future.

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(日本語) ベンガル語の世界
(日本語) 2022/2/19・2/26(土)【全2回】
BE*hive Exhibition Permanent Exhibitions
Mrs. Sadako Ogata and the Education of the Sacred Heart

(日本語) 「マザーブリットから受けた教訓は限りない」




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