Permanent Exhibitions
“Mrs. Sadako Ogata and the Education of the Sacred Heart” the second phase
(日本語) 2022/5/12~
“Mrs. Sadako Ogata and the Education of the Sacred Heart” introduces Mrs. Ogata’s many contributions and way of life, the education of the Sacred Heart where she spent her student years, and her time spent with the first president, Mother Britt.
In the second phase, in addition to the exhibits from the first phase, videos of people who are making efforts to carry on Mrs. Ogata’s wishes and photos of newly found Mother Britt are on display.

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BE*hive Exhibition Special Exhibitions
[phase 3] Oppression or Beauty?
(日本語) 2022/5/12~

“Rethinking Women’s Lives from Our Past to the Future” Phase III began on Wednesday, May 12 with “Oppression or Beauty? Foot binding, Corset wearing and #KuToo movement”
Why did these practices originally come into being? Were these nothing more than instances of the oppression of women?
Let us consider the #KuToo movement and other social trends surrounding concepts of “femininity” today.

This exhibit can also be viewed on the web exhibit ↓

Ukrainian & Russian Children’s Art Exhibition
(日本語) 2022/05/05~2022/07/07

We are holding an emergency ” Ukrainian & Russian Children’s Art Exhibition” in the hope that it will help people to have even a little hope for peace. We hope that through the appreciation of the drawings and paintings of children, we can share our prayers for peace with those who have visited the exhibition.

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