the Global Symbiosis Workshop Program【Online】



The planning and management of the workshops are conducted jointly with the accredited NPO Corporate Development Education Association (DEAR) *and Japan Association for Women’s Education (JAWE),a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation. We hold various participatory workshops from the perspective of knowing, thinking and acting.

Information on the Global Symbiosis Workshop Program

Various workshopschool trips, and other forms of group learning activities.


    Workshops are prepared to deepen learning through BE*hive’s exhibition. Please utilize it as part of comprehensive learning, study trips, and group studies.
  • Workshops are targeted at groups of 20 or more people, from high school students upwards.
  • No fee; however, a reservation is required in advance.
  • *Workshop is done via Zoom Meeting system. We recommend to use under Wi-fi environment.


We have several programs as below. We would adjust according to your request: specific content, time and number of people. Please feel free to contact us first. Only program C:Climate Change(Basic) is opened in English.

  • A: Understanding “What is gender?” Japanese
  • B: Women and Career ”Empower ourselves “ Japanese
  • C: Climate Change (Basic) Japanese and English
    You can learn the present conditions and causes of climate change in a quiz format. After that, you read episodes of people whose lives are threatened by climate change, think about their connections with their lives, and reconsider them as imminent problems. Furthermore, you can learn about the relationship between climate change and fashion through exhibition tours. Recommended for those who want to gain basic knowledge about climate change, and who want to gain more interest.
  • D: Refugees in Japan Japanese
    Through the workshop on the exhibition “Refugees / displaced people” from September 2017 to March 2019, the aim is to know the current situation and background of refugee problems in the world and Japan, deepen their interests. The contents of the workshop are different from the exhibition theme “climate change”, but please use it when you wish “refugees / refugees” as a learning theme.

※The time required will be available from approximately 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your request(Including exhibition tours).

Questions / Applications

If you have any questions or interests about this program, please contact us via Phone or E-mail.

  • Address:Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No.4)
         University of the Sacred Heart
         4-2-24 Hiro-o, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • TEL:03-3407-5811(Rep)(Extension of Building No.4:104)
  • FAX:03-3407-5805
  • Email:be-hive@g.u-sacred-heart.ac.jp

Voices from participants/applicant of workshop

  1. The workshop gave me a chance to change the image of refugee and understand about refugees as my own affairs. Besides, du to open space where is different from classroom as used, I enjoyed free discussion with other student and learn each other. 【university student/participant】
  2. I felt that refugees are same human being who live their life as we do. I would like to learn more what we can do for refugees. 【university student/participant】
  3. Not only looking presentation panes, but utilizing them through workshop, I can learn more deeply about refugees. 【adult/participant】
  4. Through participatory learning style as workshop not just seeing presentation panels as passive learning style, students can get deeply awareness and learning. 【public junior high school teacher/applicant】
  5. Productive display relating to refugees were very good and this exhibition style can recall participants’ interest to refugees and answer their questions. I will request the workshop again. 【academician/applicant

Workshop on Development Education・Education for International Understanding

Problems occurring on Earth such as climate change, conflict, poverty, and food security are part of our everyday lives. How can you contribute to a better future? In the NPO Corporate Development Education Association (DEAR) we will carry out various participatory workshops in collaboration with the BE*hive, from the viewpoint of action-taking. Program B: Women and Career ”Empower ourselves “ are opened in cooperation with Japan Association for Women’s Education (JAWE), a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.