“Fashion & Climate Change” Exhibition

BE*hive will now highlight climate change as its main theme with opportunities for workshops related to various topics surrounding climate change.

It is true that one often hears about global warming or climate change in their daily life, but not many of us understand what is really happening and why and how, despite the fact that it is truly an urgent issue at the global scale.

With easy access to the media, one can observe small island developing states losing their lands by sea level rise,
a polar bear forced to swim in the Arctic Ocean with melting
glacier, or a dried-up African plateau as a result of drought.

However, one has hardly enjoyed opportunities to learn about the background to these phenomena when people realize that they are actually the ones causing climate change.

The current and forthcoming exhibitions at BE*hive (April 2019 to March 2021) featuring global issues will give a special focus on the overall theme of climate change presenting four different topics.

The first topic is “fashion and climate change” (April 2019 to August 2019).
We hope that the exhibition that you are about to experience will provide you with exploratory learning opportunities on how our everyday fashion is connected to climate issues.
The second topic (September 2019 to March 2020) will cover “climate change for women and the socially vulnerable.”

We hope that this exhibition under the new theme with workshop programs will offer reach one of you with turning points to shift your understanding about climate change from ‘something happening somewhere else at a distance’ to ‘challenges we must face in our daily lives’, and to take concrete actions in search for possible solutions.