2018/07/13 “Science and technology innovation” is compatible with possible development goals (SDGs) = seeking countermeasures for the future that “nobody left behind” =
2018/05/29 Friday, July 6th Lecture on Caritas Uganda ~Refugees and Immigrants of East Africa~
2018/06/26 (日本語) 7/2(月)シンポジウム「国際協力NGOにとっての評価とは?」
2018/04/04 Friday, June 29th“For a world without nuclear weapons” Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and us Lecture by Mr. Akira Kawasaki
2018/06/04 Wednesday, June 20th “Tree” ~Your friends, friend could be a refugee~ Run by SHRET an extracurricular activity organization
2018/05/29 Saturday, June 23rd Lecture by The institute of the study of issues on Indigenous people “The wisdom and the zest of living of the Ainu people”
2018/06/11 Friday, June 22nd “Campaign on your first picture book” The story of the seven years, Japanese staff have supported refugee camps from the “Library”
2018/05/29 Friday, June 22nd In commemoration of The International Society of Volunteer Studies in Japan Mikio Sumiya Award 2017 “A discussion on HISEN ~Volunteering・Peace・Conversation~”
2018/06/04 (日本語) 6/15(金)認定NPO法人テラ・ルネッサンスによる「ブルンジシンポジウム」
2018/05/21 (日本語) 6/ 2 国際開発学会第19回春季大会「公開プレナリーセッション」日本はどのようにして難民を受け入れるべきか