Climate Change and Sports Festival Virtual Exhibition is open

Our future through the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Virtual Exhibition is now open to the public (2020.07.23)

In this age of globalization, we want to stop and think.
Since April 2019, the Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures has engaged in diverse projects and activities of different featured topics twice a term on the theme of “climate change.”
The subtheme of the first part of this program was “Fashion and Climate Change,” and the second part was “Climate Change for Women and the Socially Vulnerable.”
The third part “Climate Change and Sports Festival,” with related exhibitions and participatory workshops, has begun from June 15, 2020 until the end of September, 2020.
The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are expected to be a great success for athletes from around the world. Also, people are paying attention to how we tackle on global environmental issues. What is environmentally friendly? What is sustainable society? We bring you messages from the Olympic athletes.

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Exhibition period: Monday, June 15, 2020 – Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Admission: free
※BE*hive” is currently closed on a temporary basis. Please note that the exhibition period is subject to change accordingly.