November 3rd, Lecture “Consider International Cooperation in the new era” by International Cooperation salon

Date:November 3rd, Saturday, 15:00~
Place:University of the Sacred Heart, 4th Bldg/Global Plaza 2nd floor, Room 4-2
Lecturer: Kenzou Oshima (Former JICA Vice President)

14:30 Start reception
15:00~16:30 lecture
17:00~18:30 Reception party (1st floor: Cafe Jasmine)
Lecture free of charge
Reception party:3000yen
Application:Tel or Fax to International Cooperation salon below.

TEL : 090-7186-1065
E-mail : together@ics-together.com
URL : http://ics-together.com
Contact:Fumiko Shiki
Support: Association for nurturing cooperation volunteers, Youth Overseas Cooperation Association
Cooperation:Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures