November 13th (Tue) Documentary movies”Paper Lanterns”

Documentary movies”Paper Lanterns”
Date:November 13th 2018 18:30~20:00 (open 18:00)

This is a documentary film that focused on the activities of Mr.Shigeaki Mori, survivor of Atomic Bomb Victim in Hiroshima.
He traced the footsteps of 12 US captured soldiers who suffered the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and held relationship with their bereaved families.
The film was very popular among people who watched in the United States and Japan and particulary in the United Nations.
We would have a talk show by Producer, Peter Grilli and Vice Chairman of the America-Japan Society、Akiko Kuno.

Place: University of the Sacred Heart 4th Bld, 3rd floor Britt Memorial Hall
Entry fee: 1000yen (Students are no entry fees, All free seats)
Pre-registration is required.
japanbowl.sg@gmail.com of FAX:03-3951-2089
Deadline is October 31th.