5.11(Sat) Let’s talk about SDGs on World Fair Trade Day!

“World Fair Trade Day” is a day to promote fair trade around the world on the second Saturday of May every year. Every year on this day, events and campaigns are held simultaneously in each country, centering on the fair trade organization and producers organization that belong to WFTO (World Fair Trade Federation).
We will have en event as follows.

1. Lecture
“What’s going on in the cotton field-from the farmer’s experience-”
Textile Exchange Representative La Rhea Pepper (with consective interpretation)

2.Panel talk “Let’s think about how to spread organic cotton and fair trade”
Naoko Takimori, President of Global Village
Textile Exchange representative: La Rhea Pepper
Minnie James, President and CEO of People Tree
Meiji University, Faculty of Agriculture, Professor Michitaro Oka & his seminar student
Kosuke Inagaki, Director of Textile Exchange
Yukako Narita Deputy General Manager ACE Secretary Deputy General Manager

Date:May 11th, Saturday, 13:00~16:00
Place: University of the Sacred Heart 4th Bldg, Britt Memorial Hall
Fee: students are free of charge,  others 500 yen
Apply from here:

For details:https://acejapan.org/info/event/20190511