September 22th(Sat) Lecture on “The Ainu and Christianity ” by Yoko Tanabe

September 22th(Sat)  Lecture on “The Ainu and Christianity ” by Yoko Tanabe

The year 2018 is 150 years since naming Hokkaido.

In this lecture, we will introduce the work of missionary John Bachelor (1854-1944), called “the Ainu father”, and CMS female missionary and the photograph history of the “Hakodate Ainu School” found at the University of Birmingham Library .We also think about missionaries role and significance in formation of modern Japan.

Please feel free to come.

Lecturer:Yoko Tanabe  Doctoral course at UCL University College London Education Research Institut

Columbia University Education Postgraduate (Master of Education Ed.M.)

Specialize in the language and education policy of indigenous people.

Date: 2018 September 22th Saturday: 13:00~16:00

Place: University of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart Global Plaza

Organized by: Indigenous Peoples Study Group

Supported by: SHISF

Free of charge