Children and Radiation: “Hiroshima” in Phase Ⅱ

Children and Radiation: “Hiroshima”

Exhibit: Children and the Absurd: Still, the World is Worth Living in
“Children and Radiation: “Hiroshima” in Phase Ⅱ

Wars, natural disasters, and pandemics. Perhaps, in no other era has there been a more absurd situation for children than today in developing and developed countries. Following on from the exhibition “Children and War,” which was held under the theme “Children and the Absurd,” this exhibition shows the enormous impact of radiation in “Hiroshima” and approaches the theme “Children and Radiation” through the works of Mr. Arthur Binard (poet), Ms. Niwata Anju (peace artist), and Ms. Ishiuchi Miyako (photographer).

Monday, October 30-Monday, April 22, 2024
10:00 am-5:00 pm Monday to Saturday
Venue: BE
hive at Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No.4), University of the Sacred Heart
Free Admission