Japanese Classes(2024・Spring)

「ひろおおしゃべりクラブ Hiroo oshaberi-club」

Let’s study useful Japanese!
Classes are designed for people who would like to study Japanese conversation for daily life.

(A)Study class
The instructors will teach you how to talk in Japanese.
There are some handouts (Conversation chart, vocabulary sheet).
Practice actual conversation with University students and classmates.

(B)Conversation class
Practice and talking with University students and classmates.
(More opportunities to talk than ‘Class A’.)
*Japanese Instructors will facilitate the class.

(A)*5 participants as a minimum requirements
・Monday class 10:50-12:20[April.15th-July.1st except April 29th, May 6th]

(B)*5 participants as a minimum requirement
Monday 13:30-15:00[April.15th-July.1st except April 29th, May 6th]

●Tuition fee
(A):¥5,000/10classes *First class is free as a trial

Sacred Heart Global Plaza/Building 4 (Hiro-o)

●Student Requirements
Persons having learned Japanese for more than 20 hours.
・Persons who live in Japan
・Able to read HIRAGANA and KATAKANA.
・Able to speak a little Japanese.
●Apply via
* Please click here →https://forms.gle/YCY8RKbkJuE1KXCY7
●Closing date