Children and the Absurd: Still, the World is Worth Living in

In no other era has there been a more absurd situation for children than today. Innocent children have suffered in the past and present, but today, natural disasters caused by climate change, loss of biodiversity, food and energy crises caused by war, and other global issues are overtaking our lives. The most important victims are children, who are in a vulnerable position and are being pushed into dire straits.

Beginning in May 2023, we will hold the exhibition “Children and the Absurd” at BE*hive, the exhibition space of Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures, for a period of one and a half years. We prepared this exhibition with the hope that it will encourage visitors to stop and think about the nature of war by presenting war-related works by adults, as well as the expressions of children themselves who were forced to suffer under this absurdity and by examining what those who experienced it felt, thought, and expressed.

The name BE*hive was inspired by UNESCO’s call for “Learning to be.” With the rapid development of globalization and information technology, an era of unpredictability has emerged. This is precisely because we live in such an era that we hope to be able to stop and think, connect with others, and learn to weave an era of hope.

Following “Children and War” in Phase I (May 15-October 23, 2023), Phase II (October 30, 2023-May 20, 2024) will feature “Children and Radiation” and Phase III (May 7-October 21, 2024) will exhibit “Children and Hope.” We hope that your time at BE*hive will enrich your life.

Production and Design Team
Yoshiyuki Nagata,
Deputy Director of Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures / Professor of Department of Education
Naoki Mizushima, Professor of Department of Education
Yoshiyuki Morioka, Representative of Morioka Shoten & Co.,LTD.
Tomoko Yanagisawa