BE*hive- “Forcibly displaced Yemenis” section

In this column, we will introduce several BE*hive exhibitions renewed from May 7, 2018.


This time we will introduce ” Refugees / displaced people in Yemen ” section.


Here, we present pictures of people living in Yemen, world heritage, and a movie about Yemen.



There are few cases connected to the crisis in Yemen, reported in Japan,  and it is said that it is a “forgotten humanitarian emergency”  impacting many people and their cultural heritage.    In Yemen,  due to the dictatorship of  President Saleh,  people’s lives became impoverished.   Which led to the Arab Spring uprising and the resulting  civil war.   Due to the warring faction,  the inflow of supplies became difficult,  resulting in a severe  food shortage.


This is a movie about Yemeni refugees. (Video offer: certified NPO corporation ICAN)

It shows the chaos and state of turmoil in which the people find themselves.


This is a picture of story books purchased by Syrians when they were living inSyria.

There may be stories that you may  know.   Please take a look.


(Written by staff,  Ayano Teruuchi)