BE*hive – “Refugees / Displaced People in the World” section

A month and a half has passed since the BE*hive opened, on September 18, 2017.

On October 13 and 14, we held an opening memorial event, and a wide range of people,  including students, faculty members and school officials paid us a visit. Since we will continue to host various workshops and events in the future, we would like to invite many more people.


I would like to introduce you to several BE*hive exhibitions.We will introduce the “Refugees / Displaced People in the World” section. Firstly, an eye-catching and shocking picture is projected on a big screen. This is video footage of “Most Shocking Second a Day” produced by International NGO Save the Children, is based upon events that children in the Syrian crisis actually experienced. Although it is only 93 seconds, it shows how the peaceful life of a girl changes to tragedy in a second, leading you to think about the impact of conflict on children.



The main part of the exhibition is photographs of the state of refugees around the world. You can think about the present state of the refugee problem spreading throughout the world through various photographs and panel commentaries.




In addition, you can see and touch items and supporting goods actually used by refugees.



How many refugees are in the world and what kind of life are they living?This is a space where you can think about this topic and the problems refugees face.


Next time we will introduce a “Refugees in Japan” section. Please look forward to it! (Written by staff, Yukiko Iwaoka)