Refugees in Japan in BE*hive corner

In this column, we will introduce several BE * hive exhibitions. This time we will introduce the “Refugees in Japan” section.


Here, we present episodes and photos of refugees living in Japan.In order to create the exhibition, for a portion of the panel, the staff of DEAR (Development and Education Association) was in charge of the exhibition and the management of BE * hive interviewing the refugees directly.


The home countries of the refugees exhibited are places such as Syria, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), etc. They are people who have escaped from their home countries to Japan, due to their living conditions. The reasons why they escaped to Japan, their circumstances at that time, and the difficulties leading up to the present day spoken honestly, together with photographs.

How do refugees feel about living in Japan, after escaping from their country? What is life like for them in Japan? Through their episodes and pictures, you can think about such matters and realize that the refugee problem is relevant to us all.


Next time we will introduce the “Issues of Refugee Recognition Procedures in Japan” section. Please look forward to it!


Please refrain from taking photographs, considering the human rights of refugees. Thank you for your cooperation.


(Written by staff member, Yukiko Iwaoka)