BE*hive-”Issues Concerning Refugee Recognition Procedures in Japan” section

In this column, we will introduce several BE * hive exhibitions. This time we will introduce the “Issues of Refugee Recognition Procedures in Japan” section.


Here, we introduce the mechanism and problems about the procedures for refugee recognition on the panels.

Through the diagrams and photographs, you can learn about the way Japan defines “refugees” in Japan, and the comparison between refugee recognition rates in G7 countries, as well as the process of determining refugee status for those seeking asylum. Additionally, we will include information on procedures taken when refugee status is not accepted.

According to an opinion poll of the Asahi Shimbun in 2017, the percentage of Japanese respondents who answered, “Japan should accept refugees and migrants more”, was 18%. This could be due to a low awareness of the refugee problem and a lack of overall knowledge.

The refugee problem is not a “problem occurring in a distant foreign country”.

Refugees live in Japan with us, and they are by no means strangers.

Together with messages, the scenery of our daily life is reflected through the panel display.

What is the difference between Japan’s refugee recognition procedure and other countries, and what are the issues?
If you have to escape to an unfamiliar foreign country, what difficulties will you face if you apply for refugee status there?
What should we do for refugees?
At the end of each panel, “questions” are posed, which may lead you to learn more.


Next time we will introduce the “Our actions” section. Please look forward to it!


(Written by staff member, Yukiko Iwaoka)