Yasashii Nihongo Karuta (Easy Japanese Karuta)

In order to cultivate the ability to see things from multiple perspectives in today’s world of diversified values, the university offers a minor system that allows students to systematically study “another learning” in addition to their main major (the department to which they belong from the second year on). One of the minors is the “グローバル共生副専攻”. Students study international peace, development assistance, humanitarian aid, support for disaster areas, women and human rights, the global environment, and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Ms. Ikoma of the Japanese Language and Literature Department, who completed the “グローバル共生副専攻” last year, created “Yasashii Nihongo Karuta (Easy Japanese Karuta)”. Is the Japanese that we usually speak easy to understand for foreigners living in Japan?

The goal is to have the players compare the “Easy Japanese” with the Japanese they usually speak while playing the game, and to have them learn “Easy Japanese” that is friendly to foreigners.
How can we rephrase information about daily life, disasters, and recent infectious diseases into “easy Japanese”?
Please give it a try.

This “Easy Japanese Karuta” can be downloaded and used by anyone.
“Yasashii Nihongo Karuta (Easy Japanese Karuta”) Download

You can also freely use the materials along with other Japanese language materials at the “BE*hive” exhibition space.