BE*hive Section F “Our Activities”

In this column, we introduce several BE*hive exhibitions.
This time we introduce Section F “Our Activities”.

Walking around BE*hive exhibition, you will enter the open space named “Section F”, where is set tables and chairs made by wood. You can deepen what you learn through exhibition.

What you do here, investigating about Refugee/Displaced people, any topics you are interested in through the internet,

Getting information by reading books relating to exhibition topics,
(if you are a students of university of Sacred-heart, you can borrow those books)

Learning each other through event, workshop focusing Refugee/Displaced people, international cooperation, development education.
(You can pick up brochure and flyer freely)

This space is open for everyone, you will discuss with your friends about what you think and feel through the exhibition.

A message board “Shoots for bright future“ is in this space. Let’s write your message what you learn, what you can do to support for Refugees/Displaced people and attach your message on the wall. Many soccer balls (messages) will be shooting to goals for bright future!
Next, we will introduce several Art works adding to this 3rd exhibition.
(BE*hive staff, Kimura)