BE*hive Exhibition through media (digital photo, video)

In this column, we will introduce several BE*hive exhibitions.

This time we will introduce, exhibition through media (digital photo, video)

Several kind of style of presentation we had so that you will become close to “refugees/displaced people”. You may enjoy not only presentation panels, but also unique art works and household items, music instruments which refugees had used for their daily life. You will understand about refugees/displaced people by reading presentation panels as well as you can think about them by touching items and playing instruments.

At the third term exhibition, adding above presentation method, we produce presentation using media method as digital photos and videos. These presentations are supported by “2018 The National Museum of Ethnology Museum Public Media Exhibition project”

There are 2 touch panels are set between B corner and C corner and 1 touch panel is in F corner.

Through touch panels, at B corner, you can see how refugees/displaced people live in East Africa and also what is the East African people’s daily life like. At C corner, you can see how displaced Rohingya people live in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Moreover, at F corner, you can see several videos, for example, interview with a student from Congo, created by students of university of the Sacred Heart including.

Furthermore, there is different style of exhibition named Special exhibition “ Transforming Arms into Art” – “Armed Chair”  We will introduce this in future.

Next time, we will introduce section C “Displaced people in Asia – Bangladesh (Rohingya)”

(BE*hive staff,  Kimura)