BE*hive “Displace people in Asia – Bangladesh(Rohingya)”

In this column, we will introduce several BE*hive exhibitions.

This time we will introduce, section C “Displaced people in Asia – Bangladesh (Rohingya)”

Many of you possibly hear a word of “Rohingya”. May remember the word with picture of boat overflowing with people or many people walking in line along the road with a few belongings.

Those who have fled to Bangladesh number 700,000 and this protracted situation is predicted to continue.

Let us listen closely to the sufferings of Rohingya people.

Special feature of C corner is ‘Chadokan’. ‘Chadokan’ is the place like tea house and to sell sweets, vegetables, general items, it looks like ‘convenience shop Bangladesh version’. We set up ‘Chadokan’ in BE*hive. Please enter the ‘Chadokan-world’

In addition, there are interview report with Rohingya living in Japan. You will consider and feel about Rohingya from several point of view.

Next time, we will introduce section D “Myanmar and Rohingya people”

(BE*hive staff,  Kimura)