BE*hive ; From the questionnaire

In this column, we will introduce several BE*hive activities.
This time we would like to look BE*hive through visitors questionnaire.

Four months has passed since we start “Displaced People in Asia & Africa” exhibition.
During this term, besides the students of Sacred Heart University, various people such as students from other universities, social workers, elderly people from facilities in the neighborhood and kindergarten children visited here.

From the reception desk where we sit, we can see students who eagerly read panel for the subject of the report, ladies who modestly play African musical instruments (by the way, you can touch them!). We are curious whether the visitors are enjoying the exhibition or not.

Sometimes, we directly ask for viewers’ opinions but also hear their voices through questionnaire.
We receive various opinions and impressions on the exhibition, and take them as a reference for future exhibitions.

Below are from questionnaire.

* There were lots of attractive exhibits. It was fun to know the current situation through photographs and see the musical instrument and understand the culture.

* By looking the actual photographs and daily necessities , I could imagine the lives of refugees and felt the refugee problem more closely

* While focusing on “refugees “, a multilateral perspective that focuses not only on their misery and dark side was very good.

By the way, those who cooperated with the questionnaire can take our original favorite clear folders (2 types)! Do not forget to write questionnaire after seeing the exhibition.
(BE*hive staff: Kimura)