(日本語) 10/31(土) 気候変動から気候危機へ~困難な時代をしなやかに生きるヒント~


オンラインセミナー「気候変動から気候危機へ~困難な時代をしなやかに生きるヒント~」 開催決定!

気候変動研究の第一人者である江守正多さんと、困難な時代においてもいかに人はしなやかに生きていけるのかを等身大の言葉で発信している元陸上選手の為末大さんをゲストに迎え、気候危機の時代における私たちの生き方やライフスタイルについて語っていただきます 。

BE*hive Exhibition Permanent Exhibitions
Climate Change and Sports Festival Virtual Exhibition is open
(日本語) 2020/6/15-2020/12/23

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are expected to be a great success for athletes from around the world. Also, people are paying attention to how we tackle on global environmental issues. What is environmentally friendly? What is sustainable society? We bring you messages from the Olympic athletes.


BE*hive : Notice of Temporary Closure

We will be temporarily closed for the time being to prevent the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

Special Exhibitions
2/10 (Mon)-10/31 (Sat) “Challenging the Climate Crisis ー What We Can Do” by KIKO NETWORK

Closed now. Virtual Exhibition is open.

(We will extend the period until the end of October.)  

’19 12/14 ~ Memorial for Sadako Ogata ” Sadako Ogata’s Words and Sacred Heart “” Closed Now

Our first graduate, Ms.Sadako Ogata  acted as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and JICA President. We exhibit her messages for the next generation. Venue:University of Sacred Heart 4th Bldg, Global Plaza BE*hive (Closed now.We plan to extend the period until the end of October.)

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Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures(SHISF) conducts education, research and social activities through interaction and mutual cooperation, based on the educational philosophy of the University of Sacred Heart.