Japanese Classes 2018 Spring

Duration 10 classes
Dates Apr. 16th (Mon.) – Jun. 25th (Mon.) (reserve Jun.2nd (Mon.)
Location Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No.4) University of the Sacred Heart 4-2-24 Hiro-o, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Student Requirements Japanese intermediate 1 (Persons having learned Japanese for more than 20 hours)
Japanese intermadiate 2 (Persons heving finished session 1, or who understand the conjugation of verbs)
A.Group Lesson 2 levels
Time:Mon. 10:40-12:10 Teacher:Professional teacher Fee:¥10,000 (cannot be refunded), 10 times
Time:Mon. 13:30-15:00 Teacher:Volunteer teacher Fee:10 times * tutorials are free
Capacity 15 (first-come, first-served basis)
The closing date Apr. 9th (Mon.)
  • This Japanese course is offered through the Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures, within the University of the Sacred Heart